About Us

The Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce is driven to help businesses grow for the good of the people. We are an association organized to encourage a strong local economy and quality of life by promoting commerce, sound government and an informed membership and community. We provide programs that will help you explore various strategies, techniques, and ways on how to improve your businesses. We are also driven to help all the startups take vital steps to achieving the success of their dream business.

We envision to enhance business, education, and development through a cooperative link of community spirit. As we move into the 21st century, all area businesses and organizations will consider membership an investment in their success. We believe that a sound and good economy lies in the hand of the entrepreneurs who make the access of quality goods and services easy and convenient for the people. Through our various platforms, we aim that you become the part of the best business community who are passionate towards helping the people.

We are happy to witness the different stories of success from the business community. Together, let us make living enjoyable for everybody.