5 Steps You Should Do for Your Business This New Year

This 2018, we look forward to a lot of things. As much as we want what’s best for our business, we should think of the ways and strategies on how to keep it relevant for the people. Thus, this New Year, here are the 5 special steps on how to re-do your business:

Get feedback from customers

For 2018, you need to talk to your customers and get feedback from them about how your business has been doing over the past year or how your products and services are. You need to connect with them so you know what areas in your business should be improved or altered. Ask them about their suggestions and wishes or ask them to compare your business to other competitors. By doing this, you can improve your services based on the feedback of the most reliable individuals, your customers.

Evaluate your offering

After reaching out to your customers, evaluate your offering of products and services. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Think of the ways on how to refresh your offerings and on how to make your products and services appear appealing for your customers. Create something new to keep your loyal customers and to attract more guests. Moreover, evaluate if some of your services are still relevant.

Assess the macro-environment

Apart from your internal operations, assess the external factors surrounding your business. Check the new laws that may affect your business. Also, look into the competitors around your business and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Other things like tax, regulatory and the government should also be considered.

Create a strategic plan

Now it is the perfect time to create a strategic plan. Based on the feedback from your customers, your evaluation of your business and assessment of the external factors, think of new and innovative ways on how to make your business be relevant and survive for the next years. Learn new strategies and techniques on how to make your business stand out from others in the market place. Organize a list of what you shall do and take those baby steps towards success.


Together with your team, be one in achieving your goals. New Year means new battle to face and a new opportunity for your business. You and your teammates shall possess the spirit of enthusiasm in hitting your goals one by one and continue your mission in serving the people.

We wish what’s best for your business this 2018. Good luck!

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Finding The Best Air Conditioning Service Singapore

Have you been Googling “best air conditioning service Singapore” to find the best air conditioner repair and maintenance services in the area?

We need to maintain our air conditioning systems in order for it to function normally, and be efficient in consuming energy.

Aside from that, proper cleaning and maintenance lengthen the lifespan of your air conditioning unit.

That is why, if you have an air conditioner in your place, you should call a reliable professional air conditioning system services company even at least just once in a year to provide you with deep cleaning and maintenance on your unit.
professional air conditioning system services company

Air Conditioner Repair And Maintenance Services

Air conditioning services don’t only offer installation and repair services. They also provide quality cleaning services and maintenance to every commercial and residential AC units, whatever types they may be.

If you want your unit to function efficiently and have a longer lifespan, ask them to provide a deep cleaning and maintenance to your unit.

Through this, interior parts are cleaned thoroughly. They also perform a functionality testing so see if there are parts that are near to damaging. Early diagnosis helps air conditioning unit owners to have them repaired earlier so as not to experience more inconvenience in the future. This also saves the functional quality of the system.

If you need an aircon servicing company in Singapore, here’s a guide to how you can find the best professional air conditioning system services company in the area.

How To Find The Best Air Conditioning Service Singapore

  1. Use Google

The internet can give you recommendations on where you can find the best aircon servicing companies today. Search for trusted and affordable cleaning services using different search engines.

  1. Check the companies that are near your area

For more filtered and constrained results, you may try searching more specific phrases such as “best air conditioning service Singapore” and other related searches. This helps you find the cleaning companies that are located within your area.

  1. Read the reviews

Check the customer satisfaction based on the company ratings and reviews. Through these, you may see whether they offer expert and great quality air conditioning services, or if they can be not as reliable.

  1. Ask friends and relatives

If you have already found the best professional air conditioning system services company for your AC cleaning and maintenance, ask your friends and relatives who have tried availing the company’s services to confirm about the quality of service. That’s when you can be sure to know if they are highly reliable,

  1. Contact or book a schedule

Choose a service on their website and book a schedule, or call their office for more inquiries so you can find an agreement and set a cleaning and maintenance schedule.
best air conditioning service Singapore

Choose And Professional Air Conditioning System Services Company In Your Area

Don’t just hire any kinds of air conditioner repair and maintenance services. Find an established company that specializes in been providing great quality AC services in your area for years.

Maintain the good quality of your AC unit and have it maintained regularly.

8 Steps to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Many people are now exploring the world of entrepreneurship and become one of the growing list of successful entrepreneurs.

Follow these 8 steps on how to become a successful entrepreneur:

Think of your passion

Do what you love and love what you do. Think about your passion of running a business. It is important that in everything you do, you can put your heart in it. If you are determined and persevered to start a business, then you can do it all the way. Just don’t give up until you reach your goals.

Expand skills

Build a diverse set of skills that you can apply in the real world setting. It is not enough that you know how to start a business. You have to learn other things including financing and marketing. You can read entrepreneurship books or surf the web for some advice.


Learn from the pros

Learning is easier if the lessons are taught by the real masters or those who can genuinely talk about business. Attend seminars, conferences or even small talks with successful entrepreneurs who can discuss how they started a business or how they overcame struggles. Put all the things you have learned in your heart and make it a fuel to start a business.

Create a target

Now it is the time to think about your target. Think about the possible business you want to start. You may sell goods or provide services. Make sure that the products or services you offer are those close to your heart in which you can relate to and will enjoy. Some entrepreneurs venture businesses that are not even close to their likes that’s why they end up failing.

Make a plan

Create a business plan that involves the steps and strategies that you will take in order to start a business. If you are planning to start a product business, think about things such as your supplier of products, the location of your business, the time of your opening, the people you will hire and others.

Ensure financial stability

This is one of the most important steps in which you shall make sure that you have the money to start the business. You can never begin if you do not have a capital. Make sure that you have the money to buy the goods, to pay the rent, to pay the people and other things. Further, make sure you have backup money to support in cases of contingencies.

Take baby steps

This is the time that you can start working on your business. Buy goods from your suppliers; look for possible locations and rent; setup the store; hire people and start. Do not rush things as you may end up with wastes and hasty decisions. Do everything little by little.

Build a reputation

The last step is to build your reputation. Utilize various marketing and advertising platforms to create brand awareness and establish your business in the market. The simplest way is to use social media to promote your business.

Good luck!

5 Good Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Practice

Entrepreneurs undergo various obstacles in organizing and managing their business. It is important that they remain strong to keep their business running.

Here are the top five habits that one entrepreneur should adopt:

Strong Work Ethic

As an entrepreneur, you should always have the conviction and perseverance to accomplish goals for the business. It should be a habit to have a very strong work ethic. While it is important to do what you are passionate about, it is also necessary to be so committed to looking for ways on how to better your business. A strong work ethic requires that you dedicate your time and your energy to meet the objectives of the business. This is a habit of successful entrepreneurs who are not tired of doing the business every day.

Consistent Self-Improvement

An entrepreneur should make it a habit to never settle for less. Always explore other opportunities and avenues to expand your skills and the strengths of your business. Focus on improving yourself and your business. You may face challenges and obstacles, but remember that those problems are important ingredients towards consistent self and business improvement. Practice new skills and implement them in the real world to help you in achieving your goals.

Setting More Goals

The primary goal of an entrepreneur is the success. But below that main goals are sub-objectives that you need to accomplish before reaching the ultimate success. You should set more goals for the business. Make sure that these goals will be realistic and achievable. Do not set a goal that you are aware that you cannot reach for this period of time. Make it a habit to aim for new things and opportunities. Do not settle for the mini-achievements that your business is enjoying. Make it more!

Separate Business from Emotions

Running a business is a very big responsibility. It requires your blood, sweat, tears and time to achieve success. It may be draining for entrepreneurs, especially during the first phase of managing a business. No matter what the circumstance will be, do not let your emotions affect your business. Make it a habit that you understand your responsibility as an entrepreneur and that you are aware ahead of the possible obstacles you may face. If you let your emotions intervene to your business problems, both of you will fail and lose. It is important that you control your emotional responses to stressful situations.

Centered towards Customers

If you love your business, love more the people that make your business successful – and that will be your customers. While it is important that you run a business to earn much money, you should also put in mind to give back to your customers. Build a relationship between your business and them. Let your customers feel that you’re genuinely grateful for their support. You can give back by adding value to your products and services, providing promos, freebies and discounts and many more things.

Do you believe that these habits should be practiced by entrepreneurs?

Infographic by: www.linkedin.com/pulse/10-daily-habits-most-successful-entrepreneurs-hashim-shaikh

10 Must-Have Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are essential in a community. They make our needs obtainable through their businesses. Further, they contributed a lot to the national economy.

Here are top 10 qualities a successful entrepreneur has:


An entrepreneur shall be fueled by his or her passion to start or manage a business. It may be a cliché but it is a reality that when you have the passion for what you do, you are likely to succeed. Always have the dedication and commitment to do what you love. If it is your passion to engage in business, make sure you put yourself in it, through ups and downs and never give up.


An entrepreneur should be open to new ideas and insights from other entrepreneurs and members. You should be available for constructive criticisms. Being open-minded means you accept what others may say to your business. Some may take it negatively, however, these insights and feedback are made to better your business and succeed.


As an entrepreneur, you should be creative in your strategies, styles, and techniques to improve your business. Anticipate and use knowledge to generate new ideas. Look for alternatives, solutions and practical ways that will be essential for the growth of your business.


If you trust your business, people will also do. Always make sure that you are confident with your passion to do a business. You should invest in your business believing that it will soar high and reach new heights. Believe in your business and in yourself, that together you will accomplish everything.


You should be persistent to reach your goals. Be eager to act and confront obstacles that may come in your way. You will experience series of failures ahead of you but do not lose hope. Be optimistic to overcome and overpower all the challenges in the business. Remember, your goal is to succeed. Be persevered!


If you are too dependent on other people and their resources, you may end up failing. You should learn how to do it yourself. Do not rely on others to do your business. Be hands on with the decision making, operations, and problem-solving processes. It is not bad to seek others for help, but it is better for you to grow as an entrepreneur.


Do not settle for less, take a risk. A good entrepreneur knows how to take risks and is optimistic that the actions will yield good results. Be charismatic that you can deal with the complexities of the business. If it requires you to invest more, invest! If you need to buy more resources for a more productive and efficient operation, do it! Do not be afraid to spend money as long as it is for the better of the business.


An entrepreneur should also be a critical thinker. Do not think simple, think complex in a way that you do not limit yourselves to given solutions for a certain problem. Look for alternatives and apply solutions that will provide you better outcomes. If you are a critical thinker, you can decide better and you can solve problems more efficiently.


It is important for an entrepreneur to grow one’s networks. You should build relationships with other entrepreneurs, manufacturers, employees, customers and other essential stakeholders. Time will come when you will need your connections to better your business.


Lastly, you should have a focus on your business. If you are thinking a lot of things other than your business, you will likely to lose. Make sure that you are profit-oriented and that you have clear goals and plans all for the growth and success of your business.